Your Words Design Your Life

Vacchan (Wa-cha-un) meaning "Your Words" in Sanskrit is one of the core concepts of Indian Mythology which says your words are the key to the best possible version of the life. Keeping your words "especially to yourself" is the key to a great life.


Create the best possible future you can dream of

Be Accountable

Be true to your words and be accountable for them


Design the path to get to your dream state in life

Help Others

Helping other in their dreams & fuel yours

How It Works!

Based on human psychology we have come up with a 4 step process to become the best possible version of yourself

1. Visions

Dream the best possible vision for your future

2. Checkpoints

Mark key checkpoints to gauge your progress

3. Vacchans

Give a word to yourself to act on a weekly basis

4. Be Accountable

Find a mentor who'll keep you accountable to your words

Creating Visions

We humans are aiming creatures and having clear visions for your life brings meaning to it. The clearer the vision you have for yourself the better it is for you in the long term

Marking Checkpoints

Create clearly measurable checkpoints to measure if you are making progress towards your vision. What is not measurable does not get done.

Weekly Vacchans

Now create simple vacchans which you will fulfil on a weekly basis. Make this small and simple activities which you can easily complete. Completing these on a weekly motivation wil keep you motivated towards your vision.

Get Accountable

As humans we are social creatures and having an accountability partner to help us go forward is the best thing you can have to complete your visions. A supportive mentor can help you overcome your mental and psychological blocks and keep you motivated

Give Power To Your Words

At Vacchan our goal is to learn how to give power to our words. We believe one of the the best way to live a meaningful life is to honor and fulfil every word you say.

Every time you keep your word given to yourself or to someone else you make a better version of yourself. Lets start your journey to being the best version of yourself. We at Vacchan have a motive to make you the best possible version of yourself.

Don't let who you are today stop from who you can be tomorrow

Dr. Jordan Peterson
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